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Under the guidance of

Grand Master M.Jayanth Reddy

President-JR International Taekwondo Academy

8th Dan in world Taekwondo Masters Association.

29 Times Guinness world record holder.

12 Times achieved Presidential sports award from USA.



Secretary - Madurai Taekwondo Academy.

27 Times Guinness World record holder in Taekwondo.

Presidential Sports Award Winner from USA.

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Our Goal

We teach Taekwondo which is a Korean Martial Art. This 2000 year old art form, also known as "the way of the hand and foot", is the art in which we pursue our goal to create successful individuals with discipline and confidence. Our students gain invaluable skills, habits and knowledge that is fundamental to all of life's success, truly making them "WORLD'S BEST"!

Our Mission

  • To nurture successful individuals with discipline and confidence
  • To raise individuals that who respect their parents, teacher, friends and others
  • To effectively pass the rich traditions of Taekwondo
  • To contribute to the evolution and improvement of Taekwondo through the pursuit of innovating new methods of instruction while holding true to the traditional philosophies and internationally certified techniques